Portraitfoto Ute Latzke

Ute Latzke

* Wuppertal

Lucinda van Beethoven is colorblind (Got lost out there)
White Sands (Got lost out there)
The Deerhunter - Big Sky (Got lost out there)
The Aviatrix (Got lost)
Blue hour 2 (Got lost)
Ignite – Spaceman
Logan's run - Spaceman
Space Man
Wish you were here (Space Man)
Ripley (Spaceman)
Falkenberg (Flowers and Plants)
Planzenstudie (Flowers and Plants)
Zimmerpflanze (Flowers and Plants
Falkenberg 1 (Focus on Landscape)
Morgennebe, Fokus on Landscape
Gummibaum 1, Flowers and Plants
Gummibaum 2, Flowers and Plants
Timmy (The Kids are alright)
On every f...ing Sunday (The Kids are alright)
Pat und Patachon auf Safari (The Kids are alright)
Jezebel's Spirit (Vanitas Reloaded
All in Sillence (Vanitas Reloaded)
Fleur de-Lis (Vanitas Reloaded)